Welcome to Pinnacle Synergies!

Why we serve

Pinnacle Synergies, is a full service health care consulting firm dedicated to helping make your life and business more profitable.  At Pinnacle Synergies; you have found a company driven to help you reduce the impact of rising health care premiums on your business.  


We are an "Employer Advocate for Healthcare Savings" !


Having trouble balancing the needs of your employees against your bottom-line?...That's where we come in!


Our primary focus is on helping business owners and managers be more successful and their organizations more prosperous.   We will work with you to develop the most structurally sound and financially competitive solutions for your health care needs.   Your benefits will become an asset to your organization and not just a yearly expense!


Who we serve.

Small to Medium Businesses: Working with all the major health care carriers and using current tax saving strategies to save on your 'bottom line'; we will provide the most cost effective and employee friendly progam to meet or exceed your business needs.   Your employee benefit program should act as a benefit to your company and not just an expense.   Let us show you how!


Individuals: To many options out there?  Let us make it simple for you.   We will research your life and health care needs among newer carriers and the well established.   We have approximately 200 Life Insurance companies at our disposal; increasing the possibility of getting the coverage you desire.


Seniors:  Is Medicare to much to understand in the short time you have to make your enrollment decision?  We try to make it as simple as "A", "B", "C", and sometimes "D".


How we serve

One of our beliefs is "If you only offer health/dental/vision; your company is only "spending" money.


Let us show you simple cost cutting measures that can either lower your current cost or increase your benefit offering without any additional expense.

Customized Healthcare Plans 

-Blended Options (Healthcare and Voluntary Benefits)
        Reduce cost overages with proper integration.
-Voluntary Benefits as a "Start" for company's under 50 lives.
-Wellness Programs to reduce yearly premiums
-Technology as a health aide; to reduce both employer and employee costs

Government Tax Savings Programs

-Section 105 Tax Overlays
-Section 125 Plans
-Flexible Spending Accounts

Full/Partial Implementation.


-Benefits Counseling
-Benefits Communication to the employee
-Benefits Enrollments (1 to 1, Online, Call center)
-Dependent Verification
-Benefit Statements
-Electronic payroll deduction reporting
-Paperless Reporting (Billing and change notification)
-Individualized employee election handbooks

-Employee retention through better understanding